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Go here [HERE], download TWRP backup for your CID to your PC and unzip it (use 7Zip). Download RUU zip file [HERE] for your CID (under the RUU zip section) to your PC and rename it to ‘’. Follow the instruction to flash stock ROM on your phone. To get it, install CID Getter app from Play Store [Download Here], launch it and you will see your CID at the top of the screen. Now you have successfully installed Stock ROM from Recovery. The backup takes a while though so make sure your device is charging or has enough charge before proceeding.

If you want to restore the apps from your old ROM onto your new ROM, for example, you’ll need to use something like Titanium Backup instead. TWRP is meant to back up and restore the entire system in full. The main purpose of TWRP recovery software is let you  install unofficial Android OS on your device. In this part, we will tell you the exact steps to install third-party ROMS or firmware on Android. We have told you that the stock rom  doesn’t allow an average user to make changes, right? You can replace it with TWRP Recovery to gain access to internal of Android smartphone or tablet.

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  • Almost all people have a number of apps installed on their smartphones that they use on a regular basis.
  • The first and foremost step involves installing the ‘Helium’ app on your android device.

However, you’ll need an unlocked bootloader, a device with TWRP support, and a little know-how to make it happen. Once you physically connect your Android phone to a computer with a USB cable, you can transfer the files directly to your internal storage. That might include music, photos, documents, and your Google account data. Alternatively, you can purchase a dedicated external storage device for your Android backup needs. And if you want to back up your apps and device settings, use one of the previous offline methods, such as Swift Backup. After you do that, you can drag and drop those files onto your computer or external storage device for safekeeping.

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Let us know what do you think about the TWRP recovery software in the comment section below. You won’t find any of the options in the stock recovery except HARD RESET. There are billions of Android users, but only a few millions know about TWRP. Even for that,  most of them don’t want to try it because they fear the device might be bricked. So we are going to help you understand what TWRP recovery is and how to use it properly. If you have any questions regarding the procedure, ask us by commenting below. The method is way more functional and easy for anyone to restore HTC U11 to stock ROM.



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